Is Climate Change REALLY Happening?

is climate change rea;;y happening?

We’ve all heard about climate change and how the scientists say the world is getting hotter due to man-made greenhouse gas emissions. But is it really as simple as that? After looking deeper into the data, I have some doubts about how serious the problem really is.

First of all, when you examine the global temperature data (NASA 2022), the warming trends are very small fractions of a single degree.

As pointed out in a study published in Nature (Lindzen and Choi, 2009), temperatures have actually dropped or shown little change according to the dataset over the past few decades in many countries.

If climate change was such an emergency, wouldn’t the thermometer show much more drastic rises rather than this mild trendline?

Secondly, as discussed in a paper in the journal Energy and Environment (Singer, 2002), temperature naturally varies a lot from year to year and century to century due to factors like solar activity and ocean currents.

The climate has always been changing long before humans came along. So how can we be sure the small temperature changes are actually caused by carbon emissions rather than natural variability, given the uncertainty emphasized in the IPCC’s latest assessment report (IPCC, 2022)?

Listen to Meteorologist & Founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, absolutely destroy the Climate Change Hoax in under 3 minutes:

Even Thomas Sowell, one of the world’s most respected scholars, weighs in on the “man-made global warming” scam:

The truth is even more sinister. According to Dutch MEP, Rob Roos: “The “man-made climate change” narrative is merely a pretext to install “a new form of communism”, with the help of digital ID and CBDCs.”

“Everything we do in life—breathing, living, travelling, eating—everything we do in life leads to CO2 emissions, and if you can control the CO2, you can control the people,” Roos ads.

Finally, if climate change is such a crisis, why do the extreme weather events the scientists warned about like hurricanes, droughts and heatwaves have not significantly increased according to the data, as pointed out by Roger Pielke Jr. (Pielke, 2005)?

Storms and weather have always been variable and climate models have failed to accurately predict disaster events that were supposed to happen by now, although this data provides us with valuable insights into the broader trends and impacts of climate change.

Overall, as noted by Joe D’Aleo in a technical report for the Heartland Institute (D’Aleo, 2018), the data is less clear-cut than the loud voices claiming “climate emergency” would have us believe. In 2018, D’Aleo was among climate change skeptics who responded to calls for removing climate denier Rebekah Mercer from the American Museum of Natural History’s board.

More research is still needed before we ditch affordable energy sources. In summary, while affordability is crucial, we must also consider long-term sustainability.

Your thoughts?

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