Chinese Evergreen Care Guide (with Photos)

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema commutatum) is one of my favorite low maintenance houseplants. With its beautiful dark green leaves edged in creamy white or pink, it adds a lovely pop of color to any space.

Key takeaways:

  • Beginner friendly plant that thrives in low to medium light
  • Prefers evenly moist soil and high humidity
  • Propagate new plants easily from stem or leaf cuttings
  • Susceptible to insect pests like mealybugs if not properly cared for

Appearance of the Chinese Evergreen

chinese evergreens aglaonema in a beautiful pot on kitchen counter taken on mo

The Chinese Evergreen has attractive upright stems with dark green oval leaves that are edged in cream or pink. New leaves emerge pinkish and mature to shades of dark green. It grows 2-4 feet tall and forms a bushy appearance. This plant is perfect for beginning plant parents due to its hardiness.

Key features:

  • Leaf shape: Oval, pointed
  • Leaf size: 3-6 inches
  • Flowers: None
  • Light requirements: Low to medium, indirect light
  • Water requirements: Moist soil, allow top inch to dry between waterings
  • Soil type: Well-draining potting mix suitable for foliage plants
  • Pot size: 6 inches or larger
  • Difficulty: Beginner

Light Requirements for the Chinese Evergreen

chinese evergreen on patio

The Chinese Evergreen thrives in bright, indirect light. It may drop leaves if exposed to direct sun which can scorch its foliage.

Light ConditionsEffect on Chinese Evergreen
Bright Indirect LightLeaves remain healthy green and plant grows well
Low LightLeaves may yellow but plant can still survive
Direct SunlightLeaf burn possible, leaves may drop

It also adapts well to grow lights. Place the plant 3-4 feet from a grow light and expose to 10-12 hours of light per day.

Watering the Chinese Evergreen

Keep the soil lightly moist but not soaked. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Overwatering can cause yellow or brown leaf tips and drooping leaves.

  • Water when the top inch of soil is dry
  • Water thoroughly until water drains from the bottom
  • Avoid getting water on leaves which can lead to fungal issues
  • Use a pebble tray or humidifier to increase humidity around the plant

Fertilizing the Chinese Evergreen

8135QFuGDFL. SL1500

Indoor Plant Fertilizer Pellets – suitable for all varieties

Fertilize every 3-4 months during the spring and summer with a diluted liquid houseplant fertilizer.

MonthRecommended Dosage
Spring (March-May)1/2 strength fertilizer
Summer (June-August)1/2 strength fertilizer
Fall (September-November)None
Winter (December-February)None

  • Only fertilize when plant is actively growing
  • Use a balanced fertilizer like 20-20-20
  • Flush soil well after fertilizing to prevent burns

Potting the Chinese Evergreen

Repot the Chinese Evergreen every 2-3 years or when roots start circling the pot. Use a well-draining potting mix formulated for houseplants.

  • Check for root bound conditions
  • Gently remove from existing pot
  • Massage sides of root ball
  • Repot in container 1-2 inches larger
  • Water well after repotting

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Propagation of Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreens propagate easily from stem or leaf cuttings.

  1. Cut 4-6 inch stem cuttings below a node
  2. Remove lower leaves and place in water
  3. Change water every 5 days
  4. Roots should form within 3-4 weeks
  5. Pot up new plants in soil and care for as a mature plant

Growth and Development of the Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen thrives in temperatures between 65-80°F. It prefers high humidity levels around 50-60% for healthy growth. Provide indirect light and keep soil moist for new growth to form throughout spring and summer. It may drop leaves in low light winter conditions.

Managing Pests and Diseases for the Chinese Evergreen

Check for signs of pests like mealybugs or spider mites which like to feed on this plant. Isolate any infected plants and treat with neem oil or insecticidal soap.

  • Isolate infected plants
  • Wipe leaves with cotton balls dipped in neem oil or insecticidal soap
  • Check for pests regularly and treat promptly

Frequently asked questions

Can Chinese Evergreens tolerate drafty conditions?

No, it prefers stable temperatures away from drafts or vents.

How do I get my Chinese Evergreen to bloom?

This plant does not bloom but you can enjoy its lush foliage all year round.

What causes brown tips on leaves?

Brown tips are usually caused by dry air, overwatering or mineral build up in the soil. Increase humidity and modify watering.

The Chinese Evergreen makes a great low maintenance houseplant that will bring texture and color to any space. Take good care of it and it will last for years.

Happy gardening!

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